Emilio Negrillo

Your teacher and translator in the Canary Islands

About me

I am a native speaker of German and Spanish and offer individual Spanish courses for Germans as well as German courses for Spaniards. I also offer translation and interpreting services for tourists, local businesses and long-term residents, and if necessary, I also accompany them when they go to the authorities.

Since most professions here on the islands are directly or indirectly related to tourism, e.g. gastronomy, hotels, etc., I can directly refer to this in my language courses. One of the biggest advantages of my services is that I also know the cultural differences and ways of thinking between Spaniards and Germans.

After my commercial and subsequent IT training, I worked for many years in commercial IT and carried out or accompanied implementations of IT systems for various companies at home and abroad.

After travelling to many countries, I decided to start a new life here 15 years ago out of love for the Canary Islands. Since then, I have been happy to pass on my experience and knowledge to interested people.

My personality is reflected in my positive, tolerant and cosmopolitan attitude. Therefore, I am happy about every new guest.


Translation & interpretation
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Language lessons
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Looking after your home
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